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Airfilm made out of LDPE (low density)-LLDPE (linear low density)-MDPE (medium density) and PP (Polypropylene).

Bubble diameter 10 mm

Manufactured with co-extrusion technology in the following grammages:


Standard heights cm.100-120-125-150-200-250-280 and submultiples

Standard Lenghts min.mtl.50 - max.mtl.200

Special heights and lengths on demand


Packaging film for universal use, manufactured with 5 layer advanced coextrusion techniques  for each of 2 movies that make up the air bubble mat: a total of 10 layers. The raw material of which are made of co-estruded layers can consist of LD, LLD, MD, PP. The result is a packaging material with improved mechanical properties of the lower grammages.  Peculiarities of this family of articles is the softness of the product, that is much appreciated in the packing of delicate objects. It also offers the highest yield of square meters per kilo of product and therefore a cost saving of packaging.

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