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The term of foam means a non-cross-linked polyethylene foam material structured by micro cells obtained by injecting, during the extrusion of low density polymer, a high-pressure expanding agent that is expelled during the aging and offset by simple atmospheric air. Its particular shape makes it practical and flexible  package adaptable to any form. Its physical characteristic structure of overlapping cells in the three spatial directions makes it a low thermal transmittance material, useful to limit the thermal bridges and very practical in the building field for its properties. Our thirty years of experience in foam production makes us become a leader in the domestic market of the product.

Our systems have a productive capacity such as to be able to dispatch almost immediately the order of each type of material generally produced to stock, instead for special applications we need the aging time of the product in order to deliver a product at the top of the his performances. On request we also produce anti-static foam, high density and coloured according to customer needs. Regarding rolls production, we have a range of thickness between 0.8 mm to 10 mm. Other versions of the product always based on the same principle of expansion through which we produce foam, within our European group:  profiles, save-angles, full or hollow tubes, extruded or laminated polylam, nopaplank and more.

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