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Airfilm made out of LDPE resins

Bubble diameter 10 mm

Laminated with LD Polyetylene film (gr/sq.m 30)

Manufactured with monoextrusion techniques in the following grammages:

gr/mq. 70+30 , 90+30 , 115+30 , 140+30

Standard heights cm.100-120-125-150-200-250 and submultiples

Standard Lenghts min.mtl.50 - max.mtl.200

Special heights and lengths on demand


Robust packaging film with stiffness characteristics thanks to the 3 layers of which it is composed, designed to serve as a separator between items as a plank. It’s a product alternative to the triple-layer corrugated paper because provides a strong protection of corners, edges, and irregular shapes, adapting better to the shapes of the objects.

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