1965 for the first time in Europe appears a new packaging: the Polyethylene Bubble wrap film born in Italy. A small company in plastic processing in Lodi is able to produce a pneumatic cell Polyethylene film for packaging.

1978 the new packaging receives an immediate feedback on Market, so the Company moves the headquarters in larger spaces, assuming an appropriate industrial and management dimension to new sales.

1980 two competing realities, that they are to take off with the new product, are incorporated into a new strategically important industrial center in Lodi. Airack Spa is born.

1985 through technological innovation in extrusion line, and adding the production of an innovative polyethylene foam film to the production of Air Bubble, Airpack Spa becomes a leading company in its sector, with plants also in South Italy and France.

1988 Airpack spa becomes part of the Dutch BT Group (Burman Tetterode), that is specialized in Protective Packaging with plants in different European countries.

2005 the globalization of markets brings this Dutch group in the galaxy of leading multinational companies, like the U.S. Pregis Holding Europe in all Europe. The production center in Lodi becomes Pregis Italia SPA.

2012 the more interesting historical turning is fulfilled: the Pregis Holding Europe gave way full control of Lodi Unit to a consortium of Italian investors.

 Airpack spa is so reconstituted, with wholly Italian capital, a turnover of 20 million Euros and 68 employees

2014 Airpack spa defines the acquisition by the US parent company Pregis Corporation of Pregis Holding Europe, becoming the group leader of a reality composed of 7 Production Plants, 115 million turnover, 900 employees and appropriating of the most renowned brand: Jiffy.

2016 Airpack spa incorporates the German Protective Packaging company: TAP Telion.Air.Pac GmbH for extend the European leadership. So, it reaches a consolidated turnover of 130 million Euros.